Monday, January 16, 2017

The Awesome Other Side

The clock is gonna turn back soon the season is already changing 
we said goodbye for the final time and my room needs rearranging 
the sidewalk is full of people and leaves and we're all turning colors 
i want more radiance and less green this season is my perfect lover 
long nights for more dreaming short days to fill real and fast 
sweaters for my heart's safe-keeping, for my soul's heating, through the cold of winter to last 

the clock is gonna turn back soon i've an eye upon its fixtures 
the wall waits patiently for the sun's first rays and the day no one's there to witness 
we gave it a good go no i guess we can't exist in this 
so i'm gonna celebrate this new year with all the good witches 
little chocolate bars are for little kids 
i want a cauldron and the nourishment that comes with it 
this broke me down, no i am not fixed yet 
i broke myself open for this made a space that you could fit in 
clocks and hearts and time keep going but we didn't 

the clock tick tocks and i walk alone like i am used to 
i wanted to call your bones home but i didn't get to 
your shoulder a stop over and i guess i had to 
i was lonely from no love and you showed me what it could do 
you showed me what i would do when i had some but it is not to be with you 
and i've been sad enough and i've been mad some but what good does that do 
the leaves are not upset that they're leaving their branches 
things change time passes death happens 

and what happened surely changed me 
and the hereafter is full of sadness that is raw and oh so sweet 
because every time a cold heart thaws it sends a river of tears to nourish the ground 
on the way to the sea 
i bow my head to praise and remember this 
look up again to greet my days 
this is a eulogy for you and me i won't forget 
but will let go of this just the same


from Clocks and Hearts Keep Going, released November 19, 2010

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