Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Wonder Of It All

This brought me back to this.  How sometimes things just don't line up.  I realized today that I've always thought that, on some levels, I was born / living at the wrong time [too early].  I don't especially think that any more, but I still have a feeling that I would find it equally fantastic and devastating to live a thousand years and experience grand arcs of time.

TMB, we'll always have that time when things did line up for us, despite the odds that were most certainly against us.  Life is strange and not for the timid.  No one ever knows what's coming.  Just remember that life is simply a series of "hello"s. 

I look forward to saying "hello" again some day, but for now, I'll leave with MMB and the thousands of everything that we shared over the years.  Fitting that the quote below should come from River Song, having known a number of incarnations of the Doctor.

"You and me.  Time and space.  You watch us run."

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