Thursday, February 18, 2016

Not That I Needed A Reminder

...but this drives the point home every single day.  The money is workable, but to be penalized for being who you are is soul withering.

The words I use are too "big".
I understand complex math.

I enjoy science.  And science fiction.
I love doing research and often do it independently.
I ask questions in order to see the bigger picture.
I actively listen.
I pay attention.
It irritates you when I connect the dots.

Yes, I am the dreaded "smart girl" and, frankly, happy to be me.

Mostly, I just need to get back with people who are unabashedly smart, intensely curious, delightfully weird / quirky / fun [like a mixture of Grover, Snuffalupagus, and the Yips Yips] and love wild speculative discussions about all kinds of "what if"s that suddenly become "how 'bout this?"s. 

That's magic to me. 

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