Tuesday, December 01, 2015

On Sobering Moments And Gratitude

One of the more surreal moments I've had in SF in a loooong time because it simultaneously sent a chill through me and yet also filled me with immediate gratitude. 

Rush hour. Crowded underground MUNI platform at Powell Station. A very unobtrusively uniformed man wandered quietly through the crowd with a German Shepard who also wore a badge. As they approached and the dog slowed, the woman beside me who was surrounded by shopping bags, bent down, exclaiming in a loud, cutesy voice, "Isn't he just ADORABLE?!" and reached out to pet him.

Serious to gawd, in perfect sync, his handler and I quietly said, "Please don't. He's sniffing for bombs." 

As they passed, we met gazes, I thanked him. I didn't know how else to respond, honestly. With rueful understanding, he nodded, smiled back, and said, "You are very welcome."

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