Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sometimes To Win, You Have To Expect To Lose

A "seven weeks in seven days" course. Opted to take the exam on the eighth day. 30% pass rate on the first attempt. 60% is a passing grade. You get 3 hours.

75 minutes later: 83.3%

So, yeah. That happened yesterday.

I am a leaf on the wind.  Watch how I soar.

In retrospect, I took the counterintuitive approach of, "Fine.  If I fail, I'll count it as a test run and take the exam until I don't."  I've had too much of the "FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION" mentality shoved at me.  "Failure" is always a possibility if that's what you perceive getting it wrong or not quite right is.  "Getting back up" is the first and best response.  Learning from the "failure" is the best way to move forward.

The best "fail".  A LOT.  It's just that they keep at it until they get it right.

Meanwhile, I'm giving a fist bump to my sci-fi soul brother, who, ironically, lost everything in succeeding at an impossible feat.  But even in his final moments, he was a leaf on the wind and we loved how he soared.

I love you, man!

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