Friday, June 12, 2015

Always Remember and Never Forget [aka "ARANF"]

I used to do a mini version of this every Friday when I sent out my dry as heck setup planner to all of the centers. You get really crafty about getting people to open and actually read Excel spreadsheets.  Some may have called it 'bribery', I simply called it a form of 'incentive'.  I learned all my tricks from every parent that I know and love.  [Thank you!]

On request, I created a budget for TMB and stuck a similar Easter Egg in it to make reading through hard numbers and a variety of solutions more fun.  I decided I would build a another one so I could work out some best practices on different platforms.  Today, it's for this blog.  It's Friday and the weekend could get a bit navel gaze-y.  Next week, deep training that will last another few months begins in earnest while adjusting to the new and stunning office [I promise pics!] as well as the ongoing presence of the company owners and the VIP crowd.  I sort of feel as though the next time I take a deep breath, it's going to be September so...let's have some fun!!

Always Remember and Never Forget

Some days, inevitably, things will take you by surprise

They might scare you

Leave you a bit frustrated

Trying to make sense of it can seem like this

And make you feel like this

Or that everyone around you is thinking this

 When what you really need is this

And that's cool, because even the legends know this

 And, most importantly, the best people are really thinking this

And that's a fact.

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