Saturday, April 04, 2015

A Story of Sweet Serendipity: Matt and Bro O

This is truly one of the best reads I've had in ages. While a number of people have pointed out that it could have been an April Fool's joke, it would have to have been an impressively elaborate [Matt Stopera, editor at Buzzfeed, began posting about this on BF in February] and expensive [at least by my calculations, but then I suppose that in the world of Photoshop and CGI, anything is possible.]  I, however, am inclined to believe it to be authentic.

It's an unusually long read, by current internet Twitter standards, but it is also incredibly gratifying and moving.  SO much so that I was sad to see it come to an end so quickly; as one friend of mine put it, I wanted to be and sort felt as though I was sort of their friend, too.  It's like the best aspects of a great boook that you never want to put down. 

The level of genuine affection that these two individuals have created is not only wonderful, but it also highlights everything what is so very right about the intarwebs, the power of connectivity, and how easy it is for an inconvenience [frequently referred to as a 'FIrst World Problem'] to become a life changing event that positively impacts so many people and on such a beautiful and human level.

I honestly hope you take a few minutes to enjoy the evolving story of Matt and Bro O. [It's really "Bro Orange", but like any good story, my Inner Editor quick nick-nicknamed him "Bro O".]  In the end, I hope this story is not short, but is a long story that winds its way through each of their lives.


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