Friday, February 20, 2015

Love As Action

I've really been thinking about love in action these last few weeks [it's hard not to in my current profession in restaurant and the recent ensuing holidays where everyone has different versions of doing something special for someone] and it sometimes feels like a show for public recognition.

Then the person you've been to heck and back with, who actually does make the sun shine brighter, quietly whispers "love you." And you can feel it from a continent away. Bone deep. Breath catches and your keel is put even. 

Or catching up with the friends that get your quirks and make you laugh the laughs so hard while you do the same for them. Joy! 

Or watching two kids on a train, clearly best friends, share a set of headphones and laugh helplessly together, each pointing at the other when things that they are listening to strike home [and I'm talking all dignity lost laughter] and you cannot help but think that love, in all its amazing forms, is very much alive and doing its thing.

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