Friday, February 20, 2015

Love As Action

I've really been thinking about love in action these last few weeks [it's hard not to in my current profession in restaurant and the recent ensuing holidays where everyone has different versions of doing something special for someone] and it sometimes feels like a show for public recognition.

Then the person you've been to heck and back with, who actually does make the sun shine brighter, quietly whispers "love you." And you can feel it from a continent away. Bone deep. Breath catches and your keel is put even. 

Or catching up with the friends that get your quirks and make you laugh the laughs so hard while you do the same for them. Joy! 

Or watching two kids on a train, clearly best friends, share a set of headphones and laugh helplessly together, each pointing at the other when things that they are listening to strike home [and I'm talking all dignity lost laughter] and you cannot help but think that love, in all its amazing forms, is very much alive and doing its thing.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

My favorite google animation is the one where two googlbies are so self involved with their cell phones that when it begins to rain they snap open their respective umbrellas and seem to decide that returning their focus to the tiny screen in front of them after a cursory nod to the other is a connection. And then proceed to ignore each other. Under their own umbrella. You know, as connections do. "I see you. I'll be over here doing my own thing."

I work in a restaurant where people spend more time texting than talking. Perhaps the thought that taking selfies and pics of their food for the reason to inundate the internet with their perceptions vs enjoying the moment makes them more something is, well...something? I dunno. It's confusing to watch and experience. Life as a texting, uploader of pics of things and constant critic, while missing out on simply enjoying things must be exhausting.

At one of the last baseball games I went to, there were more people filming than actually watching the post game fireworks. Really? Wow.

On the flip side, during this recent drenching Pineapple Express, an older man saw me run from one connection to a new connection [I changed routes because the tunnel was flooded and on delay] and he tilted his umbrella over me as we waited for the F line to swing through. He has a granddaughter at UC Berkeley, a great grandson in Seattle, a nephew in Eureka. He's from NC, but lives now in AZ, and he had decided to travel the West Coast to see friends and family here. He thinks burritos in SF are "damn good".

I was confused when he didn't get on the F as it arrived and he told me, "I saw you standing there and you just looked like you could use some shelter from the bus stop is over there. [Where I'd deboarded from a different line] He had missed three buses passing by as we talked and made friendly.

That was [in equal parts, awesome and sad, in that it stands out] unexpected humanity.
That is how, I think, we create Valentine's Day every day.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Serious To God

This woman and her creative magnetism and collaborations never, ever cease to amaze me.


[And, of course, I love this one as well.]

Sunday, February 01, 2015

On Breath and Breathing

Two beautiful videos.  The first is rather short, but quite moving.  The second is easily worth 20 minutes of your time.