Sunday, January 11, 2015

Recipe For A Capital Weekend

 - Make tons of plans throughout the week for what you are going to do over the weekend as you are so tired each night when you come home from work that you are lucky to finish a glass of wine, barely have a voice, basic math skills elude you, and stairs seem to be a cruel joke from God.
 - Write plans down diligently.
 - Upon returning home on Friday, switch out contacts for glasses  [yessss!!] and pour glass of wine.
 - Climb into bed.  [Drinking wine in bed is one advantage of being an adult.] 

 - Pop in Netflix disc.  
 - Fall asleep within 15 minutes.  Not drift off, but deathless slumber, "I don't care if the building is on fire" sleep.
 - Wake at 4AM.
 - Finish movie and glass of wine, because, heck, the sun hasn't come up yet, so it's basically still night.
 - Start second movie because, heck, you're up! 
 - Consider The List.

 - Fall asleep.
 - Spend the remainder of the day in bed napping [which you have now renamed "practice runs"] through a couple of stand ups and a couple movies.  All of which you have to rewatch as you have slept through them the first time.
 - Read, write, and "research" between practice runs.
 - Consider The List.
 - Decide that you are finally rested enough that you are up for the task of sleeping.  You know, eventually.
 - Stream a movie.
 - Sleep through most of it.
 -  Get up and do laundry super early so as to avoid the house traffic jam on the laundry room.
 - Stumble on a ridiculous NF series to binge on.
 - Consider The List.
 - Perform another practice run in warm, clean bed linens and pillows.
 - Watch more of the series.
 - Consider The List.
 - Order pizza instead.
 - Eat too much pizza.  Happily.
 - Write.
 - Stare out window.
 - Watch more of the series.
 - Do yer hurz.
 - Cross "laundry" off the list.

 - Smile.

Some weekends were just made better than others.  I've needed this one for a long, long time.

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