Saturday, January 31, 2015

Just Life

It's only my Tuesday into Wednesday and I try not preach, but here's the deal: being human is the key to humanity. 

I absolutely appreciate productivity and efficiency, but oftentimes those extra couple of seconds or [gasp] minutes of attention given to a request make all the difference in the world even when it might mean missing a target number.

We are people, capable of kindness and respect when we choose that path. Life is so much better when we act on these instincts. 

Go be awesome and flawed and spectacular. Appreciate everyone in their moments of the above as well as when they have their meltdowns. Life is so much more of an adventure when we cross the road two by two or in mutually sympathetic groups as we were taught a long time ago. Having each others' backs is how we get through.

Have each others' backs and never stop.

Love and kisses and all the hugs you could ever imagine,

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