Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dear 2015 [belated]

Dear 2015,

I asked 2014 to take me on a trip to the circus / zoo / chaos of life and she did not fail to deliver.  From you, I respectfully request a bit of a respite. I learned a great deal and still keep showing up for the challenge, but if we could step the challenge down a few notches, that would be awesome. 

I'm happy to work hard, as I've always done, but I think that the salmon spawning pace that I've been maintaining for almost two years can be brought down a few levels, please, as I am exhausted.  I think you may recognize a recurring theme.

If I could respectfully request, it would be:

 - More TMB
 - More joy
 - More easy breathing
 - More friends and loves ones
 - More laughter.  I'm a great laugher.
 - More gratitude expressed by me
 - Abundance to all of my loved ones and those I yet to meet and love.

Thank you in advance, 2015, I hope we have a great time together.



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