Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why I Blog

I wrote the following on a newly found fellow blogger's site.  I will try to correct for errors of hastiness, but I do attest to all of this being true. :)

I started my first blog about 11 years ago because I’d just started a grand adventure of quitting a great job, packing up everything, and moving to San Francisco. I thought it would take 6 months. Instead, I was pulling up in front of my first apartment in just under 6 weeks. I was so full of fascination and excitement that I didn’t want to forget a single moment. I connected the blog to a flickr account as that seemed a great combination. As I became more involved in putting my words online vs paper [though paper is still very close to my heart], I really began to see that I write to learn what I already know. 

My postings were quite sparse for a few years, but after getting hit by a car about 20 months ago, resulting in 2 TBIs and what looks to be a permanent relationship with epilepsy, I found I needed an outlet. After the 2nd TBI, I went through several months of barely being able to find my words or walk. Two harsh blows to a writer who was formerly very physically active. Most importantly, especially after the second TBI, I woke up in the ICU with a profound understanding that I was no longer the person I once was; my brain was a new one, moreso, I could feel I’d lost memories. It’s a strange almost itchiness that I cannot quite articulate…yet. There were many parts of my old brain there, but the new brain was most definitely new.

Occupational and physical rehab take a long time to acquire when you are on government funded insurance, so I started it on my own as I’ve been a person of action from a very young age and the best way that I could think to begin rebuilding my fine motor skills [I couldn't even hold a pen at first], rebuild my vocabulary, and get my new and old brain to become best buddies was to write. And write. And write. But I really began by taking my new bifurcated brain on a stroll through both my blog and my flickr account. The result? My old brain did a great deal of, “Oh, hey! YEAH!! I DO remember that!” as though doors were being unlocked. My new brain was all, “I could most DEFINITELY hang with this chick; she’s flipping awesome.”

I still toggle between the two and try to mesh them into a single unit and some days it’s like being an adult toddler and more than a little frustrating, but mostly it’s new eyes and a lot of wonder.
I know there was a great deal of “me” in this post, but only because I think that there can be a great deal more than the perception of simple navel gazing that goes into blogging. It really does have the potential to change lives. To my mind, whether that be our own life or if it serves as inspiration to / sparks conversation with or amongst others makes no difference. It’s the willingness to articulate being brave and vulnerable in the face of life that makes the difference.   

All the difference, really.

Kindest regards, fellow bloggers, writers, and active participants of life!

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