Monday, November 17, 2014


I randomly met a man on MUNI with epilepsy and his two epilepsy canines.  It started off very casually when he asked another guy across from us about this red drink that he was drinking as he was on his way to the gym.  He and I, almost simultaneously, responded that the amount of caffeine in the drink "would send me into a seizure" [him] and "would make my head go supernova" [me]. 

I braved it and asked if he has epilepsy and we launched into the most sane and enthusiastic "I know, huh?!" and "when I have this kind of seizure..." and all of the crazy nuances that go into it all the medical discussions I have ever had.  Maybe I will join a support group, afterall, because all of the mixed messages and the "that shouldn't effect this"s and "well, we really don't understand the brain very much at all"s have caused so much cognitive dissonance.

He apologized for his older dog paying me so much attention at first and then when I showed him that I was midway into a breakthrough seizure [which are much more mild now, but I still get pretty shaky and have to walk with great concentration], he smiled and said, "Oh! Well, then, he knows."

He lives in the neighborhood, so I hope we run into each other again - I should've grabbed his number: I think he could be a sweet soul seizure brutha and some days, when the "REALLY?" factor gets eyeball deep, you just want someone to bounce a "DOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!  That sh*t was f*cked up!" off of and know you are in excellent company for the *fistbumppow* "I hear ya!" action.

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