Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Chef Quotes

I don't exactly agree with each of these philosophies, but the spirit of excellence and determination still shines through to me.  There are certainly times in the trenches [or "in the weeds" as we called it] when you are so overwhelmed that you don't have enough left over synaptic power to scream at the the Universe, "What do you *want* from my life?!?" 

But then the rush is over with lessons learned, skills sharpened, bonds strengthened, and the awesome rounds of exhausted but exhilarated grins accompanied by head shakes and nods of common acknowledgement:  "We did that!!"  And, of course, knowing that we'd be doing it all over again on the next shift.

Sorta like life.  Never give in; never give up.

"Things Chefs Say"

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