Friday, October 31, 2014

When The Royal Family Acts Like True Royalty

At a point when sportsmanship is not often highlighted or praised, I've noted to a HS classmate [Royals fan] what a class act the Royals have been and what a great to team to play against in this series. Both teams really put their heart into these games without nastiness or chumpiness.

It really could have gone either way and while it is fun to be taking home the trophy and basically have a double civic holiday tomorrow [Halloween in the City...on a Friday, hullo!], it's wonderful to see such kindness and respect in the midst of crazy competition.

The Giants may the Awesome Orange, but the Royals are True Blue and essentially reset the bar on real time sportsmanship and respect. Royals fans, I hope you stand proud by your guys!!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that there were really no losers here and that was because of the character of the players. Fully bolstered and supported by the Royals family.

Lotta peeps could learn a great deal from this Series.

CLASS ACT IN DEFEAT: Giants fans on twitter pointed out a classy move by the Royals after San Francisco clinched the title last night. The fountains at Kauffmann Stadium, which had been many different colors during the series, including Royals blue, were turned orange... presumably to congratulate the Giants!

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