Thursday, October 30, 2014

When The Giants Win The Series

Despite all of the explosions [we have an affinity for sticks of dynamite, though the upper Mission set off fireworks, which was cool] that finally tailed off around 2:45AM - tres suxors, as I had to be up three hours later - the City is generous in its joyfulness, celebration, and support of its teams, 'specially Los Gigantes. VAMOS!! So many buildings lit up in orange for the last 10 days. Sooooo many people in orange. The fronts of buses say, "Let's go, Giants!!" Today, many say, "WE DID IT!!"

Last night there were bugles, vuvuzelas, drums, car horns, oceans of gleeful yells and chants for hours, public transpo drivers tooting the Giants chant, the 5 and 8 year olds next years, surely jacked up on sugar and adrenaline and up well past their bedtimes at 11pm on a school night still yelling in the back yard that the Giants had won [they will never, ever forget last night]...even though it kept me up, it made me happy.

So much exuberance.

It was a great series [aka "torture"] and the Royals are a class act who played amazing games and I hope their fans are incredibly proud. I know I have mad respect. [Gosh, Game 6?? 11-0? Daaaaaaaaaaang.], but I'm proud that we didn't back down from a challenge.

The parade will be awesome tomorrow. It's pretty much a civic holiday at this point. *squee* 2012 below; tomorrow should be even better! And if it rains, well, we'll finally have complete confirmation of Bumgarner's true skill set.  It would be a fitting follow-up to one of the best sports headlines I've read in a long, long time:
"The Giants lead 3-2 after eighth - Bumgarner healing the sick, turning water into wine"

Perhaps we'll be adding "rainmaker" to his resume as well.


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