Wednesday, September 17, 2014

On Gratitude

I loved the exercise so much that I'm going back to it and I'm going to call it "10GAD" which will stand for "10 Gratitudes A Day".  I do not intend to have 10 at the start of the day, but I will start with as many as I can think of and add to it as the day progresses.

I'm also going to do this in accordance with my new implementation of a wishlist, the idea being that not only will the wishlist give me the chance to focus on / fine tune / articulate my thoughts, it will create something of a flow between acknowledging blessings that I have in my life with asking for blessings that I need or want for others.

These won't often be publicly posted as that seems a bit too close to posturing for me and I am a quiet person, but I am excited about a new open window in my worldview.


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