Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I think that there is a misconception about "mindfulness."

It is not about being most mindful about what is most important to your immediate personal interests, but about being open to what is most important in the greater scope.  Mindfulness is much more than self absorption or self contained interests.  It's not about being right, but about learning how to get it right.

Also, contrary to popular belief, this means you can get pissed.  Super mad.  Sometimes you need to get mad in order to learn / define your boundaries and be pushed out of your comfort zone enough to speak up and articulate your perspective.  But it's possible to do this without character assassination. 

When you address conflict, don't skirt the issue; focus on the facts.  Be clear.  Be honest.  Be fair.  Be kind.  Be gentle. Understand that honest, fair, and kind are not always easily expressed or received.  Consider the facts and "person" up y being present and simply statinge your case. Offer your defense or your alternative [depending on the side of the conversation you are on.]  Be prepared to wait.  Be willing to listen and consider and then reconsider your own perspective. Be open to compromise and change.  Be ready to adopt a new strategy, finish the conversation, and move forward.  Simply put: actively participate in a way that respects everyone involved.

We all put foot to earth.  It's worth considering how constructive that footprint will be.

I am a student of this every minute of every day.  I frequently fail at it, but I never stop trying to get it right.

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