Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Moving forward and moving backward

One tiny woman against everything.  I honestly swear that I will move forward with everything I've learned to challenge and everything that I will come to know and I do have more than a bit of learnin' to do yet.   :)

Good days ahead, though!

I have had to rework this post entirely. 

A] because I had accidentally double dosed on my Keppra when I wrote the initial post.  The result is that it makes me like a drunk kitten.

B] there was more to it than I was able to stay awake and convey.

C] there's this really beautiful song [the video portrays a wonderful couple - though I am not lesbian, they are incredible.]  See it here.  It sings in my soul of a beauty and impermanence of life.  I suppose it should hurt, but it doesn't.  I just keep realizing how lucky I am to have experienced this singular moment.

I don't always have the words.  Some days, I just have to relax and let it wash through me and quit fighting, quit resisting.  And then it's ok in its own special way.

"Let's love fully
Let's love loud

Let's love now"

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