Monday, June 09, 2014

To every nurse I have known

Thank you.

You have given me direction when I was on morphine drips and post seizure.  You have held my hand, gently stroking it or softly wiping my forehead.  You have created a safe space when I was scared or lost past words.  You have been kind.  You have been full of compassion.  You have taken care of me, walked me to the bathroom, made sure I was ok, fed me, and simply sat beside me.

You cared. 

When I was as scared as I have been in recent memory, you were there at 2AM. You adjusted my blankets, learned that I like orange jello and mint tea, and brought them.

You were kind in a very special way.  You asked me questions [when I could answer] and shared stories to calm me down.  The humanity that you deliver every day is inexplicable.

While I wish I never had the reason to meet you in the ER or ICU, I am so full of gratitude for your care and graciousness.  You are truly amazing.

Once again, thank you.

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