Saturday, June 07, 2014

An addendum

While a number of the posts on this blog are somewhat somber, they are in no way pessimistic.  This blog is a place for me to explore, share, and articulate a reality that I may need to reference and that, with hope, others can gain benefit due to its honesty.

I do not enjoy my struggles, but I do appreciate them.  In a crazy way that I never fully understood before, they make you a better person if you can simply accept the challenge without anger.

As for my courage and optimism, Ben and my family of choice are deeply responsible for the tenacity in my "get up and go."  Days when I wanted to say, "Just feck it all!",  I heard, "Try again...for me, just try." and "Anytime, just call."  I have done both and I feel that I am a better person for having done both as it involved a level of vulnerability that I would have never previously exposed or engaged.

So, even with brain damage and missing Ben like my right arm has been cut off, things are good.

Things are good.

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