Wednesday, June 04, 2014

A Kiwi kind of day

It was a bit of a Kiwi day. I left the house about 6 hours ago in order to grocery shop at Safeway. I was feeling a little wobbly, so thought, "what the heck - let's spend two bucks to ride the tram! Treat yourself, Teeter!"

After over 40 minutes of watching trams go by in the wrong direction, one finally pulled up and off we sped! For one stop. Because MUNI was being MUNI, we were continually shifted from shuttle to shuttle and driven around on routes that weren't the one we had meant to be on by drivers who had very little idea of what the exact routes were.

All I wanted was some soup. From the Safeway that's MAYBE 1.5 miles away. I ended up, over 5 hours later for a shopping excursion that took less that 15 minutes from entrance to exit, at an entirely different Safeway that is nearly 3 miles away.

Because of various shuttle transfers and recommendations, I have been past Twin Peaks, through Glen Park, through Balboa Park, through the Sunset, to Ocean Beach, and skirted Golden Gate only to end up at a destination in which I did not intend [it is my favorite Safeway, though, so all was not in vain.]

More importantly, why was it a "kiwi day"?

It was the first transfer attendee who could see me being wobbly, told me not to rush, and assured me they would not go until he said so. He gave me a thumbs up when I got on the bus.

It was the bus driver who had been a taxi driver in New Jersey and shared with me how his parents were injured and died from a car accident.

It was the juiciest blonde black woman who caught me laughing at her complaints about the wait for the shuttle and said, "I KNOW you feel me, sister!!" and exited the bus yelling, "Adios, mamis!"

It was the shy boy beside me who, when I complimented him on his freckles, gave a near thesis level dissertation on why he has them.

It was hearing 5 languages at once and not a thing but gratitude expressed toward every driver.

Crap happens but so much good stuff is out there, sometimes a 5+ hour detour entirely reminds you of that.

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