Sunday, May 25, 2014

One end only means a countdown to a new beginning

I promised that I wouldn't cry. I didn't...until I watched him get cleared by TSA and then I walked out of the airport.

Then, and only then, I bawled like a baby.

I'm so excited for his journey and completely support it, but I am almost greedy for his time because we fit so well together. Nearly a month flew by.

With the exception of a run and a few toiletry moments, we were never apart for more than a total of two hours in over 22 days. Our bed and tiny studio feel too big now. I miss his snores, snuggles, and his leg over my hips when he's asleep. I already miss making him laugh when he's awake.

I'm also already counting the days.  Thank you, Ben, for making my life better with each and every passing moment.  I could not be luckier if I tried.

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