Friday, May 30, 2014

Just because

My father was the single most beloved person in my world. My mother was my mother but was frequently unavailable on every level due to a host of her own issues. Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers were my closest friends for years.

My exposure to Reading Rainbow was minor, but I was encouraged to read at a very young age by my father, who I suspect got tired of answering "Why?" That could seem dismissive, but what it did do was fuel my love of reading and acquiring knowledge. Knowledge that was not dictated to me. Knowledge that I could balance and weigh and come to understand as fact or opinion and then accept and respect in their own right. For me, it is because of that experience that I can listen to someone quietly [maybe after a snit] and respond with, "You have a very valid point; thank you!" and follow up with further questions and ideas of my own and requests for continued engagement in order to grow a common ground of understanding.

I love the internet. I dreamed of it before I knew it existed or could exist. Trolling and porn aside, I knew how incredible it could be to engage in mindful and powerful exchanges with people everywhere. This was a magical thought to me when I was 6. This is a reality to me now [still pretty magical, though!] Reading was possibility then; reading and research are a new kind of reality now. The more people, kids and adults, who can benefit from this resource, the better this world can be.

Thank you for be being so very awesome, LeVar and the internet!

LeVar, for many reasons, you are the bomb.

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