Saturday, May 31, 2014

Guilty pleasures

I've put some strong words out here regarding epilepsy and TBI, so I felt it only fair to add some levity as well, because it isn't all bad.

The one guilty pleasure that I do have about recuperating from my rolling episodes is my capacity for sleep and the vividness of my dreams. I have slept, easily, for 20 of the last 26 hours. In that time, I became fluent in Japanese; was taught the finer skills of conducting by Hans [an opera singer and beloved ex-colleague who is NOT a conductor], who looks stunning in black and red velvet and has a conductor's wand that is a true piece of art; woke myself, talking out loud, in a heated debate about the Pythagorean Theorem; and then yelled at my closed and hibernating laptop for surprising me by being where it was, though it has been in the same place for months.

I realize that this is my brain "rebooting" and rebuilding synaptic connections - some old, some new - but there are days when being your own source of entertainment is a true joy.

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