Monday, January 13, 2014

How lucky are we?

My minor at university was linguistics [major = romance languages.] This guy makes me want to apply to Columbia and with linguistics as my major. I had a professor from Barcelona for my Spanish Lit class, who, when we would struggle with teasing out the meaning of stories and poems, would remind us that "language is liquid." The point being that most of us had been studying Spanish for at least of six years, learning rules and exceptions to which we were clinging, and effectively, missing the nuance that added meaning to what were reading and meant to digest.

The irony of me sometimes lamenting that it seems as though things move too quickly these days [you kids get offa my lawn!!] is that we are actually watching the development of a non specialized dialect, perhaps a language, in a single generation. Despite my nails on chalkboard response sometime to the bleedthrough of textspeak into non text writing, this is actually amazing.

Textspeak will never be elegant, but neurolinguistically and culturally, it's actually pretty damn cool.

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