Friday, October 06, 2006

Further notes on being God's Private Mystery

Two things that have recently returned to my attention:

When I'm overtired and/or have had, let's say, a glass of wine too much to drink, I like to find new places to 'store' things. Like keys. Or debit and ID cards. Or large sums of money. Always with the thought that I'll know *exactly* where I hid them when I wake. This is not always the case.

Also, when under duress or during periods of great stress, for reasons completely unknown to me, I seem to take great solace in picking up items I've had for years and staring at them as though I've never seen them before. I do this until I become distracted by another object I've owned for a similar length of time, only to return to the first and start all over again.

I assume this is a practice run for senility.

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