Saturday, September 02, 2006

Long weekend

In a rare move of solidarity, after what was one of the most bizzarely and uniquely difficult weeks for everyone, the entire staff got drunk at family meal last night.


Admittedly, it was nice to dull the roar of emotion and adrenaline and enjoy the sense of community about jointly recounting the various points of WTFF?!? Anyone from the industry knows the drill, but this was rather unprecedented: not only short staffed and someone walks, but a piece of non combustible equipment catches fire randomly, a wine glass falls apart as a guest raises it to their lips, walk ins exceeding reservations by two...I mentioned that we were understaffed, right? That just scratches the surface. But the fact remains that, in the end, I'm not a fan of getting drunk and I'm definitely not a fan of escapist drinking. If nothing else, I'm not getting any younger and, dear lord, do I pay the next day.

And this could be the first Sunday in six without the carpenter in one form or another. There's part of me...much of me actually, that wants to be clear. I'm not sure why. Perhaps I really am a masochist when it comes down to it. More than that, though, is that my imagination can be my worst enemy. Containing it is in my own best interest.

But while poking about, waiting for the Alka Seltzer to ease my head with its tasty goodnees, I came across these three wonderful videos:

Naked As We Came - Iron and Wine. I think I first saw this a year or so ago and found it again. I keep waiting for Sam Beam to do something that I don't like. Has yet to happen.

Dayvan Cowboy - Boards of Canada. Was clued in to this by cliptip, but never could get his link to work so I hunted another down. Well worth the effort. Full of space and sea, and the vastness of each that the footages aptly inspire. I love this video.

Millionaire - Kelis featuring Andre 3000. Another cliptip heads up; a timely discovery.

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