Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I received the incredibly happy news today that this extraordinary little boy has a sibling on the way. In life's inimitable way of being...life, this news was followed by further details and couched in an earnest, if understated, request as is the nature of the author:

All efforts are to carry this pregnancy longer than the 27 weeks I carried Miles. Currently at 23, I don't feel like I can take any chances. I don't know how many of you have spent any time in a NICU, but from my time there, I know that even for 27 weeks, we were extremely fortunate with Miles. Babes born before 26 weeks are beyond extremely fragile, and those that do survive do so usually with lifelong complications and conditions. The possibility scares the hell out me.

Assuming I carry as long as 32 weeks (a full 2 months from now) and that my condition doesn't drastically change, my restrictions would lessen at that time. Of course after two months in bed, I won't be able to do too much, will I Mark? I’m desperately trying to remember, and I don’t always, that this sudden inactivity is an effort to stay out of the hospital.

So here I am, occasionally moving from the bed to the couch, from the couch to the bed when I get up to use the bathroom. Nic has become my personal assistant, caretaker, and cook and Miles' primary parent for the remainder of this pregnancy. I am gradually arranging full time care for Miles while Nic is at work. Thankfully I had scheduled two full weeks of work for myself (huge project at work that was to wrap up in another 5 weeks), so I had sitters lined up for two weeks already.
I am continually vacillating between this being a relaxing vacation and the longest, most disempowering period of my life. We'd love to have thoughts, prayers, good wishes and positive energy sent our direction.

It's difficult to be this far away from loved ones when fears are high and calamity strikes. And the fact is that, even if I was there, there's little I could do at this stage of the game. What I can do, though, is ask that if anyone has a spare prayer [or four], burst of positivity, etc to please send some their way. Mom and baby, especially, but the whole family, they can use as much as they can get.

Thank you so very, very much.

All my Frisbee affection.

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