Thursday, April 13, 2006

Music, sweet music

After a good 10 years of listening to jazz and classical almost exclusively, I've had the very happy luck over the course of the last few years of being exposed to some incredible new music. Most recently, this was happening by webcast and the dj's were nothing short of superb. However, over the course of the last few months, my favorite dj's, namely, the inimitable mosch, the ever creative urbanwhaleshark, and midnight radio captain, bmarkey, have moved on, refocused their energies or found greener pastures, respectively. Fortunately, if you check out their sites, you can sometimes catch downloads or links to their live streams. Both of which I cannot recommend highly enough.

Still, this has somewhat left me kind of high and dry. In the midst of my musical state of existential angst,
panoptican came to my rescue and introduced me to SomaFM. Not only do they have ten faaaabulous (see, there's that word again) stations, but they're entirely commercial free, listener supported and they broadcast from just up the hill from which makes me feel oh-so-neighborly and cozy. What won me over entirely, though, and shows just how much of a dork I am is that the station ID voice is a computer generated dealio that every once in a while tells you that they love you.

Awwwww shucks! I love you, too, Soma!

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