Saturday, March 25, 2006

Same as it ever was... #2

So, my mom sent me a joke earlier this week involving a horse, a chicken and a Harley and a punchline (sorry, you can email me if you actually want the joke) about how one doesn't need a Harley when they're hung like a horse.

It was somewhat clever and I got a snicker out of it and told her as much.

This is her reply:

Many people I hesitate sending such things. However, (not but!) for a four year old that is over heard saying: "A duck for a fuck, a fuck for a duck and $25.00 for a fucked up duck..."
well, I guess it's OK.
Can you imagine how surprised I was to overhear you saying that to yourself?



[But, holy crap, even though I can't remember the rest of the joke, that punchline still makes me laugh.]

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