Wednesday, February 01, 2006

And the trend continues....

Chez Fris is host to an afternoon/evening of wine and cheese pairing with work folk. This Sunday. It wasn't intended to be on Super Bowl Sunday, but that was the collective decision. (And this from a group of men, no less! On the other hand, their girlfriends should be quite pleased.)

I'm very much looking forward to it. We have a fantastic group at work. Talented individuals with incredible backgrounds in food, wine and culture and nothing but a desire to share the wealth, so to speak. Additionally, as we conclude nearly every day that we work together by sitting down and breaking bread, it feels like a bit of a priviledge to have everyone in my home to do the same.

Plus: Wine! And Cheeeeese!! Hell, even if was just me with a hunk of Mt Tam, prosciutto from Lucca, loaf of bread and a bottle of wine, the day would be glorious. So, odds are high that the day will be a success.

My only hope is that no one makes me shoot wine out my nose.

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