Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sometimes, I really miss

No connection between you and
SF Bay Area
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Date Wed, December 21, 2005 - 1:10 AM
Subject wats up
Message just want 2 say hi and u realy hot

I want to refer him to a tribe, but I can't decide whether it should be 'SF Drunks', 'Drunky Typo', or 'Beer Gogglers'. On the other hand, someone may have finally started the 'Nice try - No dice' tribe.

Because, see, here is the deal: while I appreciate the attempt at a compliment, I am not hot. Or hott. Or hawt. (Well, I'll take hawt, but only because the spelling is ridiculous, it makes me snicker.) Monica Belluci is hot. Cate Blanchett is hot. Penelope Cruz is hot.

I am not hot.

You can look at my pictures or see me walking down the street and you'll see cute. You may even see pretty. But, seriously, for the love of the English language and personal dignity, do not call me hot on sight alone. To do so smacks of being contrived, superficial and desperate. Three qualities I would hope aren't associated with me as a public or private person.

If you have gotten to know me in person or through some form of interaction, the appropriate usage of the description changes a great deal and warrants an entirely different discussion. If someone who knows me well, on an intellectual, platonic, romantic or carnal basis, wants to call me hot, you can be damned sure it'll put a wiggle in my walk. But trust me on this: my physicality runs the gamut somewhere between soccer mom cute and bedhead disheveled.

I am not hot and I am perfectly happy with this fact.

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