Sunday, December 25, 2005

Oh, Frisbee, I thought I knew ye!

Having heard from no one definitively (due to possible schedule conflicts), or not at all (due, I assumed, to definite schedule conflicts), I mentally downgraded Christmas Eve dinner to a movie night, relaxing alone on the couch with some last minute sushi from Whole Foods. I headed downtown to finish errands and ran into ooga at Whole Foods on his way to another dinner. In the course of conversation, he asked, "What should I bring when I head over to your place?" I told him not to really worry about it as I hadn't heard from anyone and was just going to chill. Accommodating fellow that he is, he invited me to his dinner, but there was a 'thanks, but no thanks' from me as I was enjoying the breathing room and quiet time of an unplanned evening.

No sooner had he walked off than DaShiv called asking what he could pick up on his way over. While on that call, kenko called to find out what the plan was (or at least I think that what his message said) and was ready to head on over. A 180 in under 15 minutes. Suddenly, there I was, standing in Whole Foods, with an hour and a half hour to pull together a dinner and drinks and make it back to the Mission to start cooking before people began to arrive. stuffed pork chops, braised root veggies, olives, cornichons, pickled peppers, bread, beer (DaShiv), wine, chocolate covered butter cookies and ruby port (ooga). BAM!

Right here is where a couple decades of restaurant work, menu planning and professional entertaining pay off: it was actually easier to assemble a dinner for three plus nibbles for four than it was to put together my own peckish pickings for the evening. And you know what? As much as I was looking forward to downtime alone and as exhausted as I thought I was, as soon as I heard everyone was on their way over, all of the fatigue evaporated. What this says to me is that I'm showing signs of approaching some semblance of being 'growed up, proper', because I love to throw 'dinner parties' at home! I mean, come on, first I use the word 'delightful' without irony and now I hold 'dinner parties'. And describe them enthusiatically. With explanation exclamation points(!)


Addendum: *coughs* Ok look, we're all friends here, right? I know for a fact that no less than 30 of you breezed on through here and read the above entry. Not a single person was so kind to point that I, in my joyful haste to describe the oh-so-It's-A-Wonderful-Life series of last night's events, allowed Herr Doktor I. Spelchekum to correct "exclanation" to "explanation" and not "exclamation". I find this to be not a little disturbing and let me tell you why. It's disturbing because this means y'all would let me wander around for hours in blissful ignorance about the huge piece of tarragon stuck between my teeth or with my fly unzipped or something unslightly unsightly (hee, mynx!) in my nose.

I just can't take you guys
anywhere, can I?


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