Friday, December 16, 2005

Endings and beginnings

How It Ends - Devotchka

Hold your grandmother's Bible to your breast.
Gonna put it to the test.
You want it to be blessed.
And in your heart,
You know it to be true,
You know what you gotta do.
They all depend on you.
And you already know.
Yeah, you already know how this will end.

There is no escape,
From the slave-catchers' songs.
For all of the loved ones gone.
Forever's not so long.
And in your soul,
They poked a million holes.
But you never let them show.
C'mon it's time to go.

And you already know.
Yeah, you already know
How this will end.

Now you've seen his face.
And you know that there's a place,
In the sun,
For all that you've done,
For you and your children.
No longer shall you need.
You always wanted to believe,
Just ask and you'll receive,
Beyond your wildest dreams.

And you already know.
Yeah, you already know
How this will end.

You already know how this will end.

Though perhaps seemingly morbid for a birthday contemplation, what I find so deeply moving about this song is its clear eyed assessment and embrace of benevolent faith in the face of an indifferent and sometimes malevolent world.

I look at the photo above and like to think that the Mini-Disc is smiling directly at me because she did know how it would end and had every ounce of faith that it would end good. And then begin again in goodness, to start the whole crazy cycle from scratch for yet another year with ever an honor of the past, two feet in the present and a keen eye toward the future.

Overwhelming gratitude for another hour. Another day. Another year. And sincere thanks for the wonder, pain, struggle and beauty of it all.

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