Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Birthday goodies

My birthday turned out to be somber and cathartic in a way that I'd not expected, and while on the upswing, I am still sorting things out. Auspiciously and appropriately, fellow Sag, amberglow, offered this video (via) by Sigur Ros as a collective celebration of the (not so prone to aging) Sagittarian spirit and I'd like to pass it on. Watching the video, it's not hard to identify who from my group of friends is whom and watching the role reversal age-wise in the video tickles much and the playfulness moves me a great deal.

Everyday, I meet some of the most physically beautiful and beautifully engineered people I've ever seen face to face. People who can, without concern, spend more on cosmetic adjustments/repairs/maintenance in a single procedure than I will make in a year. And do this repeatedly. However, what I find is that I'm drawn to are those who, instead of trying to fight or deny the 'ravages' of age and life, choose to incorporate them and wear themselves and their lives/histories much like well loved jeans. Offering equal homage to successes and failures, sharp minds and poor eyesight, salad days and quieter nights - taking all of it and returning the volley with deep, genuine smiles and compassionate actions even the midst of tears and stiff knees. Without dread, regret or apology.

I see a sharp rise of this most often in people 10 or 20 years my senior and I love each and every time I experience it for the simple reason that each and every time I see someone following a path that I strive for, I feel as though the way is being paved for me that much more on a daily basis. In short: such as looking at Mini Disc pics and feeling her confidence in the future shining through from the past, I meet older people whose qualities I admire and strive to emulate and feel as though the future is giving me a smile and nod of assurance about things to come. And with these reminders, the perspective shifts. And even the craziest things cease to be untenable and more like interesting pains in the ass. And fodder for good stories. And reasons to laugh bubble up: oh, the circus of it all - and that's what we have and this is what we do.

And that this is a wonderful thing.

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