Thursday, November 17, 2005

Well, huh!

I'm not sure I thought I could do a full year, but I'm glad that I have. So much so that I think I'll continue to do so.

Thank you to the friends who have been readers and commentors as well as the readers and commentors that have become friends. It's been fun sharing the twisty bits of my brain with you. I don't forsee this ever being a place for vast profundity or soaring brilliance or political savvy. As much as I admire those who want to write the next "Great American Novel" or be the Voice of a Generation and say Really Important Things, as much as I want to want to be driven to do and be those things, it's not what I want or who I am and there you have it.

This last year online, especially with this endeavor, publicly forming and exploring a 'voice' and ultimately pushing the process of defining an identity and a direction - both with writing and with life, though sometimes the two are hard to separate - has been fantastically distilling. And in the weirdest way (I'm sure this won't make sense to many people), it's been both gratifying and reassuring to go through the ongoing crucible of "figuring it out" that we call "life" and still find out that you are, in fact, you. Because that's the risk and that's the test of putting yourself out there, isn't it? Will you still recognize, respect and like yourself at the end of the day?

So, again, thanks to everyone who has stopped by and especially to those who have chosen to hang about: I've completely enjoyed every comment and email. And here's to another year!

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