Sunday, November 27, 2005

Dog sick and dreaming of a White Christmas

Full-fever-ow-my-bones-hurt-who-turned-my-nose-into-an-alluvial-source? kind of sick upon waking and my faithful supplier of tom yum gai isn't open for another 5 hours at least. Eeesh.

I wanted to go out and play with the camera phone and the regular camera, but I think this is going to be a ''sleep through two movies on the couch, getting that practice run in for the the big sleep tonight" kind of days instead. Perhaps I can take artistic, fever dream pictures of the pile of tissues that's growing like a small colony of Tribbles.

In non-infirmary related news, Susie, one of my closest friends wants to fly me to Chicago for Christmas. [!!!!!!!!!] We met years ago when she was the sous chef at the Fish in Seattle and lived around the corner from me. It was years of sweating blood in the restaurant together, playing dj for one another, catching flicks, dissecting dishes, reading cookbooks, and scheming up weird new recipes, and it's a friendship I've dearly missed having in close physical proximity. To cap it off, one of her cooks will be on vacation, so I can get back in the kitchen with her. Huzzah!!

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