Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"because in space, no one can hear you scream" -or- Dreams so real

This was the line said to me by my closest friend in a dream last night. For reasons I have yet to discover, this was the line that triggered my shift from dreamy dream time to lucid dreaming. Though I don't know the individual IRL that spoke this line to me, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to him, his timing was perfect.

The dream was initially a bit confusing as I was in downtown LA with a bunch of people working on a movie. Our central location was on the top two floors of one of the tallest skyscrapers. I was on a landing in between floors when the building started to feel as though it was swaying. I looked out the window and could tell that the building was moving, though I couldn't tell if this was due to wind storm or earthquake. As I started to make my way back to the central room where my specific group of friends, coworkers and associates was gathered, the swaying became more intense and building staff started to direct groups of people to safer areas. A couple times, I was stopped by staff and managed to talk my way past them in order to return the room, even though the walls and ceiling were starting to give. It was imperative that I not be with strangers. By the time I reached the penthouse suite where we all were working from, the building was swaying to such an extreme that you could look out one window and see nothing but sky and turn and look out the oppsite window and see nothing but the ground below. I entered the room in a barely controlled panic and my friend greeted me, saying, "Thank God you made it, because in space no one can hear you scream" and smiled ironically. The sheer absurdity of the comment and the situation jolted me directly into a lucid dreamstate. [I don't know that going lucid at that point did anything more than eliminate the cliff of abject terror that I was gearing up to jump off of and maybe that was all that was needed in the end.] We rode out the quake with little more than broken furniture to be counted as casualities amongst our group and my friend held my hand throughout the entire event. When it was over, we flew around the city to see the damage. The devastation was complete, with our building being one of few still standing, but chillingly so, with only the top two floors intact and populated as the thinner windows on the floors below had exploded and people had been thrown from the building, leaving few survivors.

So, though I have an uncommonly strong fear of earthquakes, and do live in San Francisco, I strongly suspected a different sort of internal dialogue at work. With that in mind, I submitted the details to the Dreamscape program that I have on my computer. Though not infallible and most definitely underdeveloped, the program does an excellent job of both identifying less than obvious issues or presenting food for thought. It asks you to type in the dream and then go through and identify the aspects, but I've streamlined it to where I only enter the keywords and assign them to the appropriate category.

Below is what I entered and the computer generated Q & A analysis that followed. I'm not at all surprised that it pinpointed a "strong reaction" I had earlier this week.

Primary Aspect: earthquake

Secondary Aspects: skyscraper penthouse central room friends safety comfort associates strangers swaying building compression devastation windows exploded survivors

Dream Analysis: Dreaming of chaos or various sorts of disasters is common when one is soul- searching, FG. Perhaps recent events have shaken your confidence, and you're striving to make sense of your situation. You may need to make some changes in how you perceive & deal with the world around you in order to reconcile these feelings.

Dreaming of chaos or catastrophes - natural or manmade - is a safe outlet for the eruption of suppressed emotions. Have you felt out of control lately - like everything is happening at once? Yes

This is vividly reflected in your dream images, FG. Withdraw & reflect on what's truly important. Your material goals may be in conflict with your pursuit of personal peace. Perhaps you're carrying too much responsibility - worrying needlessly about things you can't control or change.

Are you fearful of an upcoming situation? Yes

These feelings are reflected in your dream. Fear & negative thinking are poisons to the self, FG - and worry is the greatest waste of creative energy. Stay in touch with your true feelings - channeling your abilities toward a solution.

Was there a window in this dream that was opaque, that is, difficult or impossible to see through? No

Consider the symbolism here, FG. A transparent window lets you see through exterior appearances to true motives - your own or those manifested by others. This may represent a focusing of attention or understanding on something that has recently become important to you.

Have you felt weak or lethargic lately? No

Your dream suggests you've been feeling misunderstood or possibly even snubbed by someone. This sometimes emerges following an unpleasant personal interaction such as a quarrel. Or perhaps you've been trying unsuccessfully to gain another's attention.

Tranquillity or lack of activity - either physical or psychological - can be a paradox, reflecting a need to become more aware of some aspect of your life that is being neglected. In other words, sit up and take notice, FG. However, these symbols may mean just the opposite - that you're comfortable with some recent decision or achievement. Any subtle feelings you noticed associated with your dream will clarify it. Did you find this dream calm & pleasant? No

Your dream symbols likely mean that indecision is paralyzing you. Perhaps you're neglecting a challenge because of uncertainty & self-doubt. Sitting on the fence yields frustration which is manifested in dreams - often before you're consciously aware of it.

You noticed a friend or colleague in your dream, FG. Were you glad to see this person? Yes

This symbolism represents feelings of safety and security. You may be seeking these qualities in a friendship - or feel you have such a companion. Although often taken for granted, secure and comfortable relationships are rare & wonderful. Perhaps this dream is a reminder to let someone know that you appreciate them.

Recall the image of the room in your dream - was it cluttered or unkempt? No

To interpret this symbol, notice the type of room and consider its symbolism. A bedroom, for instance, may reflect sexual concerns or a need for rest. A hallway, the feeling that you have a long way to go - or a porch, that you're being shut out. A garage or closet may represent difficulties in shedding old attitudes while an attic holds spiritual significance.

Recall the building image of your dream. Were you looking through a window? Yes

This represents your ability to see beyond a given situation. In other words, FG, you're using intuition wisely in some matter. You may be seeing through another's facade or false appearances.

Your dream analysis is complete. Pleasant dreams, Frisbee Girl.

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