Sunday, May 15, 2005

On articulation abilities & sonambulistic tendencies

Since I have been able to speak, I have had the tendency to become very free with my thoughts, feelings and observations on life almost precisely five minutes before I fall asleep. Like clockwork, I have an intense inspiration to share. Specifically, at that point.

When I am single and sleeping alone, I have a habit of reaching for a notepad and one is always close to my bed, ensuring that I won't change my mind or have to disturb my comfort. Years of developing this habit in conjuction with recording dream details without fully waking up has resulted in falling asleep while writing...but continuing to write.

More often than not, the result is a barely legible scrawl of a line that resembles more of a seismographical reading than a coherent thought. Some of these do actually result in coherent and interesting material. Others, however, are a brilliant example of quantum mental leaps and disassociative thought in shotgun marriage-like collisions.

Recent example: "Without remaining open to the facts, it's easy, not just tempting, but natural, to fill in the empty spaces with soap."



Who the fuck knew soap was so damned insidious?

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