Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Invisibility or flight?

The question of which power one would choose given the opportunity, is one that has come up on a regular basis throughout my life, as is likely with most of us. It's one of those hypothetical, flight of fancy sort of questions that usually serves as fodder for interesting and digressive conversation.

I find it both a fascinating and entertaining subject for a few different reasons. One of them is that not only did I not have to think twice the first time I answered, but my answer has never changed. I've debated, sometimes hotly and incredulously, I given consideration, but my conclusion has always been the same.

What also intrigues about this question is the reasoning behind the choices that people make...and just how ardent they feel about their personal decisions, often to the point of being completely unable to see the attributes of the other option. It seems to tap into a certain almost archetypal identification or deep yearning that people
recognize immediately.

So, for you, my blogging loverlies out there, which would it be and why?

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