Friday, March 25, 2005

This post not in stereo

Earlier this week, I went into the doctor for a routine check up. In the course of poking, peeking and amplified eavesdropping on my internal organs, the doctor asked me several questions and took some blood. Yesterday, I got a call from the clinic with some unexpected, but entirely logical news: the lab results indicate that I have mono.

She shot off a litany of details involving counts of blood cells and the presence of other interesting beasties celebrating Spring Break in my body. She says I appear to be in the late stages, having had it for the better part of a month and that last week's croupy cough and full body ache was likely a sharp relapse after having overextended my energy levels the previous week.

It would explain why the girls at Chez Potrero, M, specifically couldn't knock her cold and rarely emerged from her room. And it would certainly explain why my sleep has increased three fold for no apparent reason. Sitting/laying down midday to read a book or glance at a magazine lately has, more often than not, resulted in me waking up several hours later...even after a night of 8-10 hours of sleep.

What's funny, is that outside of the mildly sore throat, I feel great. Not exactly tired, but languid and delightfully lazy. I have never been so cheerfully unmotivated, so long as I have access to my bed or couch, in my entire life. Without exaggeration, I'm averaging 5 hours down for every two - three hours up. My dreams are absolutely wonderful, I don't get that restless horizontal body ache and my bed has never exhibited the magnetic quality that it now does. It, quite literally, calls out to me and once I'm snug inside, all is right and well with the world. In fact, the only way to improve it would be to get all of my friends and their beds together in a great big room so I'd only have to leave bed to use the loo.

(This, btw, is where I owe W & L an apology for last night: Guys, I actually went to the lengths of taking a Vivarin before sitting down to read the Guardian at 6:45. I woke up at 11:30, still in my jacket and shoes with enough energy to brush my teeth, grab a water and climb into bed. I woke at 7:30, refreshed...and I'm certain that by 10 am I'll be ready for today's first practice run. Next time, I promise!)

I think it helps to know that it's a temporary state, this helps me embrace it more than I otherwise would. Still it's odd. I hear Max Headroom in my brain as I, yet again, drift off: "Come sweet slumber/Enshroud me in thy purple cloak...."

Here it comes, and off I go.

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