Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Further proof that I am, in truth, a 14 year old boy

It hit 73 degrees today in this part of the Mission and after several days of hinky health, I woke up to the absence of fever, aches and crampy muscles. In celebration of said wonderful turn of events, I celebrated by:

- getting a super carne asada burrito from El Tonayense
- exchanging ridiculous posts of 'Dr. Tran' quotes with Tara Monster and .m.
- repairing, replacing and splicing wires for a new speaker arrangement in my room
- singing to Oingo Boingo, after the above task was successfully completed
- using power tools for further home improvement adventures

Listening to Danny & Co was great, but I just have to say that the power tools were the best. Successfully splicing wires was a close second. I do have to come clean here, one look at me and you'd know that I, in very few ways, resemble a 14 year old boy. However, there's something particularly bright and beautiful about the moments when we take on a task a little out of our usual realm and the result is as planned. If not better.

Not that one would necessarily want to take care of everything all of the time. I'll be honest, I don't want to kill my own food everyday. That's why we have areas of specialization with trained and seasoned professionals, but there really is something kind of magic about capable self sufficiency, about knowing that you could, if you really needed to or simply preferred to, and in the realization that you have that choice, the world becomes smaller, warmer, less threatening.

God is in the details and one of those details is 'having the option'.

Maybe I'm a little silly for getting a bit giddy when these things fall into place so easily, but it hasn't always been this way. I trust it won't always be this way, either. I highly doubt that I could build a microwave in a MacGyver fashion, for example. However, every now and again, you get something seemingly esoteric right and then get to use power tools as Boingo sings, "Just once or twice/Is good for your soul!" and you just need to step back and smile.

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