Thursday, January 06, 2005


I don't really believe in resolutions for the new year. Recapping the old year so as to look forward is far more useful in my mind. This is my recap.

This year, I:

broke no bones
was not in the hospital
broke my heart
mended my life
was my own hero
threw hissy fits
threw up
sweat blood
lost sleep
dreamed just for me
dreamed bigger than I'd ever dreamed before
fought nightmares
heard the call
stepped up to the challenge
calculated the risks
made more contingency plans than the UN
played the odds
rolled the dice
took the chances
stepped into the slipstream
moved a world and a half away
skinned my knees and bruised my heart
did the right thing even when it hurt
did the not so right thing and learned a thing or two
got callouses
cried on a shoulder
gave a shoulder to cry on
made new friends
lost some old ones
fell in love with a city
surprised myself
ate hamburgers
held my ground
chose my battles
heard my voice and liked it
spun like a top
sat still
took a running leap
asked for abundance
hit the ground running
worked my ass off
grew even when it hurt (and it did hurt)
planted my landing
started writing again
walked my talk
let some people down
let myself down
loved myself in spite of everything else


I failed - some places
I succeeded - other places
I learned to extend grace - in all places
I realized what was important to me
I remembered how to fall in love with life

I fell in love with life.

I grew up.

I grew young.

I grew into me.


  1. FG, you *so* rock.

  2. "I fell in love with life.
    I grew up.
    I grew young.
    I grew into me."


  3. wow...what great voice you bring. keep it coming

  4. Liz, Mynx and PJ: thanks so much for the comments!