Saturday, June 17, 2017

Realigning with Grace

But you know how it all works, how the small actions add up. And you now see how you can start to stack them up differently. The helpful suggestion upward, not made. The confidential memo leaked downward, or out.... The conversational concessions withdrawn. The conventional civility dropped. The hard stare back, the harder line held. The slack not cut. Elsewhere, the warmer smile. The word of encouragement. The grant approved. The link forwarded. The cartoon tacked up. The dues paid. The paper bought, the extra coin passed, the minute spent in friendly chat before you hurry for the train. The firm nod to your own kid's tentative query.

- The Early Days of a Better Nation, Ken MacLeod

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


One does not live an extraordinary life.  Life is an extraordinary experience.

Engagement is paramount.  Thinking that you are the director with the final say is pure folly.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Happenstance In Three Words

Apropos of absolutely nothing, while waiting at a stop light / crosswalk, a stranger standing beside me turned and said, "You are forgiven." 

He then strolled off before the light switched to a walk signal in my direction.

I am sure I have much that requires forgiveness, but how awesomely weird is life some days?

"You are forgiven."   

Three small and powerful words offered without specificity, judgment, or condition.

I hope I never recall that "happenstance" moment without feeling goosebumps